he topic I have chosen for this last discussion post is reasonable compensation

As you have most likely discovered in this class, although the theory of valuing a business is fairly straightforward, the actual process of assigning a value to an enterprise can be very complex. The simple fact is that the value of a business is often left to the mercy of the person conducting the evaluation. In part, this complexity is due to the fact that business evaluation is subjective. In addition, there is no guarantee that the data used to assess the current position of the firm is correct and accurate. And forecasting the future is like trying to read a crystal ball. There is no guarantee that the most likely path is the route that will be traveled in the future.

As though these issues are not already challenging, Chapters 19 through 31 in the Hitchner text discuss important, though less commonly considered, valuation issues. For this assignment, pick a specific topic from any one of these chapters that you find to be particularly interesting. Find at least two other articles that discuss the same topic and write a summary of this issue. Items to discuss are the topic, why it is important to professional valuation experts, and how the topic/issue impacts or should be treated when doing a business valuation.