Review company’s financial information and process financial statement briefing and analysis.  

You will need to conduct research to locate the company’s financial statements and/or annual reports.  

General Electric:


2. Read in detail, at least 3 financial documents provided relating to selected company. The required readings and research are as follows: latest annual report or 10-K filing, annual letter to shareholders and management’s discussion and analysis.  Students may research more documents than mentioned; however, the student must research the noted document listed above, at minimum.  You will find other documents very helpful such as financial highlights.  While you are not required to research this document, it will be very helpful in summarizing financial outcomes.


3. Write a comprehensive report containing with the following elements:  (If report is partially completed, the report will not be accepted.  You must have all parts completed before I will grade your report. Remember this is a comprehensive report and must be summited as a whole.


4. The report must be in one document.  Final report should be submitted here.  Piecemeal reports will not be accepted and will automatically receive a 0.  Citations and citation page are required, if applicable.


Report deliverables specifications:


–  Times New Roman font

–  Size 12

–  Doubled space

–  Moderate margin.

–  Citation page is required.