2. IFINGP.C407RO:lat and Prformanal Following ks financial information for three ventures VENTURE XX VENTURE TY  VENT1RE72  Aftemaa profit rmigms 5% 25% 15% Asset turnover 20 Omer 3 Mists IA tents  

A. Calculate the ROA for each firm. B. which venture is indicative of a strong entrepreneurial %volute opportunity? C. Which venture stenos to he more of a commodity-type business?

 I). How %rookl you place these three ventures on a graph similar to Figure

2.10? Use the information in Figure 2.9 relating to pricing/profitability and “score’ each venture in terms of potential attractiveness.

 3. IRcnnues, Coq,. and Profial In early 2013, Jennifer (Jen) Liu and Larry Mesas founded Jen and tarry’s Frozen Yogurt Company. which was based on the Idea of applying the micro/yew or microhakh strategy to the production and sale of frozen yogurt. They began  

Chapter 2 Dmelporo ausnass Idaa producing small quantities of unique (lawn and blends In limited editions. Revenues were 1600.000 in 2019 and were estimated at $1.2 million in 2020. Bemuse Jen and tarry were selling premium froren yogurt containing premium ingredients, each small cup of yogurt sold (or $ 5. and the cost of piodueing the frozen yogurt averaged 11.50 per cup. Other expenses, including taxes, averaged an additional SI per cup of frozen yogurt in 2019 and were estimated al 11.20 per sup in 2020. A. DLitt =AC the number 04 cups of frozen yogurt sold cash year. B. Estimate the dollar amounts of grom profit and net profit for len and Larry’s venture in 2019 And 2020 C

. Calculate the gross prong margins and net profit Marems in 2019 and 2020. D. Briefly describe whir has occurred between the two yearn. 4. (Returns on Aistublen and Larty’S frozen yogurt venture described in Problem 3 required