Flamenco and the Afro-Roma Presence in Spanish History

Take-Home Final Examination in 2 Parts: Written and Performed


1.Film yourself dancing or clapping (doing palmas) Bulerías


2.Film yourself demonstrating 2 kinds of hand-clapping and use them to clap out Tangos, Martinete, or Bulerías rhythm


3.Film yourself showing what Cihtli Ocampo and Michelle Heffner Hayes demonstrated and what scholars agree has historically been considered Vicente Escudero’s (i.e. men’s) and Carmen Amaya’s (women’s) Floreo (hand circles). Describe the “masculine” rules enforced by Clerical Fascism during the reign of General Francísco Franco.


4.Draw a “Flamenco Tree” of cantes chicos or cantes jondos. Name 5 cantes chicos and 5 cantes jondos. What are their characteristics? Consider our reading as source material


5.Describe and define Mozarabic Spain and its architectural influence on Flamenco Embodiment.


6.Define and describe the mythic figure of Carmen. How is she used to represent Andalusia?

7. What was the Seccíon Femenina?

 How did it control dancing in Spain and to what end? What was its intended purpose? What dances were banned? Which were acceptable under Franco