FLUIDS MECHANICS LABORATORY THE HYDRAULICS BENCH The Hydraulics Bench is a service module designed to accommodate a range of accessories, each of which demonstrates an aspect of hydraulic theory. A self-priming centrifugal pump draws water from the sump tank and delivers into a vertical transparent pipe. A panel mounted bench control valve is used to regulate the flow in the delivery pipe which terminates in a quick release pipe connector situated in the bed of a channel. Water discharging from the accessory on test is collected in the volumetric measuring tank. This tank is stepped to accommodate low or high flow rates and incorporates a stilling baffle to reduce turbulence. MEASUREMENT OF VOLUMETRIC FLOW RATE The molded bench top incorporates a volumetric measuring tank which is stepped to accommodate low or high flow rates. A remote sight gage, consisting of a sight tube and scale is connected to a tap in the base of the tank, and gives an instantaneous indication of water level. The scale is divided into two zones corresponding to the volume above and below the step in the tank. To make a volumetric flow reading, the ball of the dump valve is lowered, retaining the water in the tank. Timings are taken as the water level rises in the tank. Low flow rates are monitored on the lower portion of the scale corresponding to the small volume beneath the step. Larger flow rates are monitored on the upper scale corresponding to the main tank. When not used for volumetric determinations, the water drains back to the sump by lifting the dump valve