Food and Beverage Operations and Corporate level strategies

Detailed Instructions


– In terms of food and beverage, explain how you would integrate vertical integration into your operations at your full service hotel.

Explain what kind of business (s) you would need to own and how it would help you. (10 points)

In terms of restaurant operations, explain how related diversification would help your hotel. Specifically, explain how having different types of restaurants would benefit your guests and your bottom line. (15 points)

More about this assignment: 

The paper will focus on strategies that identify and explain the integration of vertical integration in the hospitality industry. The most suitable corporate-level strategies ought to ensure that align with the mission and clientele, especially in the food and beverage operations. For instance, the approach can consider focus on a single industry or forge an alliance with another closely related industry. This approach is meant to ensure that the company is able to capture clients from a holistic approach. For instance, a restaurant could be dealing with the Mediterranean diet could invest in a fruit parlor with the aim of encouraging diversification and help the guests to lead healthy lives.


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