Football performance analysis

Using relevant performance analysis tools produce a written, evidence-based development plan for a coach, athlete or sports team that you have worked with. The plan should be supported with relevant video evidence. (3500 words)

– Using relevant performance analysis techniques (e.g. Notational analysis) assess a coach,
athlete or team to evaluate strengths and weaknesses against relevant and credible

– Use the analysis to produce an evidence based development plan for the chosen coach,
athlete or team.

– Support the report with a comprehensive portfolio of relevant evidence from a range of
sources (e.g. telestrations and notational analysis).

– The report allows for considerable flexibility in terms of chosen subject (coach, athlete
or team) – ensure that the parameters are clearly laid out from the outset and are
relevant and credible.

– Professional matches cannot be used within the assessment, unless you are the analyst for that team. This may need to be discussed with your module leaders.

– Relevant analysis software needs to be used to assess your team, players or coach.

– The development plan should be supported by relevant and credible academic models
and concepts.

– The development plan should be presented as an action plan rather than prose.