For each of the situations below, speculate at least 5 explanations. (7 situations X 5 explanations each = 35 explanations in total). For each situation, brainstorm at least 2 ways you could find out which of the explanations is correct (7 situations X 2 methods of verification= 14 methods of verification).

Here are the 7 situations:

1. A person does not call you back after a first date

2. A serving staff in a restaurant gives you lousy service

3. Even though you paid a high fee, the car repair was not done correctly

4. Your teacher is late for class

5. A 7 year old child beats up another 7 year old child

6. A student copies tests answers from another student sitting nearby

7. A parent refuses to allow a 14-year-old to stay out until 2 am on Saturday night.