This research Paper is a descriptive study and the main purpose is to investigate the state-of-art emerging technologies that influence autonomous vehicles design, in addition, to reviewing the technical and non-technical challenges associated with the full integration of AV in the physical world. 

Potential applications in different transportation contexts will be examined to obtain an understanding of the timeline for a successful implementation

1. Introduction
1.1 Functional Features and operation domains
1.2 Levels of automation
1.3 Connected autonomous vehicle (CAV)
2. Adoption issues and concerns
2.1. Safety Verification
2.2. Infrastructure and Environmental Requirements
2.3. Security and Privacy Concerns
2.4. Ethical and legislation issues
3. Autonomous Driving Technologies
3.1. Hardware: sensing and perception
3.2 Software and AI: decision making, planning, and localization
3.3 Communication models
3.4 Identification and security
4. Conclusion
5. Reference List

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