Gawande Paper #1 is a reaction paper that covers Chapters 1-7 (pages 1-129)

Some questions to consider as you write your reaction paper include:

What was your general impression of Dr. GawandeWhat do you think about his writing style?

We bring our own opinions and experiences to how we read and understand a book. Did any of the stories offered by Dr. Gawande trigger strong emotional feelings in you, the reader?

Did anything lead you to try to learn more? Was there anything that surprised you?

As a surgeonGawande has people’s lives in his hands. Why do you think he includes so many stories about mistakes?

Dr. Gawande writes about the role of mystery and superstition in medicine. Why do you think he includes these sorts of ideas?

Please include:

A full reference citation for this book in ASA Style.

Professor Vera Kennedy’s ASA Style Guide Tips

Your name.

Remember that quotations taken directly from a text should have quotation marks at the beginning and endThe authors’ last name, date, and page numbers follow the end quote.

The papers should be at least 1250 words (approx. 5 pages double spaced). Please use Times New Roman font, 10-12 point.