Gender Based Violence and Discrimination

The final product must demonstrate that you have seriously put an effort in reflecting on and addressing the issue. It should have a clearly enunciated thesis, cogently articulated intermediate units (where you develop your argument) and a final concluding section. Before handing the paper in, please re-read it and ask yourself some questions. Is my thesis clear? Do I provide evidence to support my main arguments or do I make unsubstantiated claims? Have I incorporated into the paper distinct points of view about the theme in question, pointing out their advantages and disadvantages? In making my main argument, am I showing that one can convincingly rule out alternative patterns of explanation? Last but not least: have I corrected any spelling or grammar mistakes? Evaluation of the essay: Essays will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Ø Presentation or style o Organization o Clarity o Accuracy Ø Content or substance o Clearly articulated thesis o Coherence of analysis o Depth of analysis o Range and quality of sources o Use of supporting evidence o Originality Ø Technical o Proper documentation of sources (citations and bibliography) o Paragraph and sentence structure, academic writing style Spelling, punctuation, page numbers

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