This assignment focuses on Gender Stereotypes and Social Expectations :There is also a description of  Exploration of Gender and the Media.

Gender Stereotypes and Social Expectations : Exploration of Gender and the Media

Gender Stereotypes and Social Expectations: An Exploration of Gender and the Media

A gender-equal society would be one where the word ‘gender’ does not exist: where everyone can be themselves. – Gloria Steinem

The Essay Prompt:

The Media plays an important role in how one perceives gender normative behaviors and how identity is constructed. So,  think about how masculine and feminine identities are portrayed in advertisements, television, and film. How influential are these texts in influencing how one perceives gender and gender roles? 

Gender Stereotypes and Social Expectations : Exploration of Gender and the Media

For this essay, you will not only BE asked to analyze the arguments from the various readings on gender that we have explored and discussed in this unit but you will also have to analyze how gender normative behaviors are constructed by and reinforced through media portrayals by selecting an example from a film as the foundation for your argument and analysis. You will not only  expected to build on your analytical skills in this assignment, but now you must use them in order to persuade your audience to explore the topic of gender.  You will need to select a film for your analysis that portrays the “working woman.”

Gender Stereotypes and Social Expectations : Exploration of Gender and the Media

  You will provide a very brief summary, the need to know details of the film. Then proceed to dissect and explore how the character and film can relate to the conversations that we will be exploring in this unit. Remember, that this is not a summary of the film where you recap what happened in the plot.  Instead, you will need to focus on key parts of your example and character portrayals to analyze. Then,  discuss how the media portrays and explores the topics we have discussed in class.  Such as: Can women have it all? Does our current societal structure allow for equal opportunity between the sexes?  Also, does the film reinforce gender stereotypes? Besides, how does the film explore this question of if anyone can “have it all” in our current society? What insights can we gain from rhetorically analyzing these types of films.

Detailed Instructions


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