The assignment focuses on General Chemistry Lab II. However there is a description of Chemical Kinetics – Rate Laws. So, please show the all calculation steps and Be careful with the significant figures.

General Chemistry Lab II – Chemical Kinetics – Rate Laws


This is the lab report for the General Chemistry Lab II. The Experiment 17 & 18. There are two different experiments. BUT These two experiments are related so the professor puts up together. Experiment 17 is about “Chemical Kinetics – Rate Laws” and Experiment 18 is about “Chemical Kinetics-Activation Energy”. When you write the lab reports, please divide into two different lab reports, as Exp.17 and Exp 18. Please answer Exp.17(page 217-218) and Exp.18(page 225-226). For this lab reports you should have to watch our zoom meeting video which it explains how to conduct both experiments. In the file name”Recorded Zoom video”, there are link and the password because you may need password to access them.

General Chemistry Lab II – Chemical Kinetics – Rate Laws

Since it was recorded as the lecture it is 1 hours-long video, But you don’t have to watch entire thing. I have indicated the exact time where you should listen to get the information for writing the lab report accurately. There are few things you have to know and fix the chart in page 217(instead of your in this column, you are going to have to change the column a little bit/ Check Exp 17 Note) before going to writer the lab report for Experiment 17. I have attached the Notes from professor that is really important what he wants for lab report. All the instruction are in the Zoom and the file name, as ”Instruction for Experiment 17” and “Instruction for Experiment 18”.

General Chemistry Lab II – Chemical Kinetics – Rate Laws

These are NOT FORMAL lab reports required. I want you to watch the Lecture video, read the NOTE & instructions, and correctly using the simulation program, and then fill in the blank space for accurate DATA information in Lab Manual for both experiment and write the thought questions in Lab Manual(Please indicate the Question Number so I will know which one is which), so I can rewrite them in the textbook. The THOUGHT questions only required a few sentences as long as it contains all the necessary information. Also, If there is any calculation needed for the assignment, please show the all calculation steps and Be careful with the significant figures(3 significant figures would be fine). Please let me know if you need any other information or question from me, thank you.

Detailed Instructions


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