The major purposes of this assignment are to increase self-awareness (understanding of how your family system impacts your life and other systems in relations to your development) and integrate the theoretical concepts and therapeutic models. Self-awareness is a never-ending process and to become effective social workers, you must be aware of their perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, emotions, actions, and values.

Develop a comprehensive project using a three-generational visual GENOGRAM.  The fundamental goal of drawing a genogram is to organize the intergenerational system of family projections, identifications, relationships, experiences, and events, which have been influential in constructing the self.

Your written analysis, must include one of the following assessment models; Multisystem Model (Boyd-Franklin,2003);Integrated Genogram Model (Chavis, 2004) or the Afrocentric Intergenerational Model (Waites, 2009).

The paper will be evaluated on thoroughness of the introspective assessment of the above. Please utilize appropriate headings and subheadings to organize the content. APA formatting should be evident throughout the document including personal interviews. 

Grammar: Clarity in writing, sentence structure and grammer

conducted family interviews with family members:

Applied the theoretical concept to the genogram

Theoretical concept

Assessment model

Introspective assessment


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