Please read the chapter 5 and 6 from the text, read the slides and watch all the videos mentioned in the slides to answer the questions.
For the consequences below, think of a situation at work where each of the operant conditioning consequences can be effective:
 Think of a situation where positive reinforcement will be effective
Think of a situation where negative reinforcement will  be effective
Think of a situation where punishment will be effective
Please read the Ritz case on page 138 answer if the conditions for vicarious learning is satisfied
How motivated are you at your work?
What is the job you do?
What is the name of the organization?
Rate how motivated are you on a 1-10 scale (1=low; 10=high)
What can organization do to increase your motivation
What can you do to increase the motivation
Based on the video exercise on motivation:
What are the three things that you learned from the video
Do you agree that money is not a motivator? Why or why not?
Why do you think people do work for no pay (wiki, open source etc
Can highly motivated people perform at low levels?  Why
Can people who have low levels of motivation perform higher? How