Essay 2 (20 points)—considering how the balance between liberty and public health has evolved since Jacobsen and Zucht.

  1. Supplement the Malone and Hinman “Mandatory Vaccination” article with some basic independent research to compare and contrast three things: a) the threat of smallpox to public health compared to that of Covid-19, and b) the safety of smallpox vaccine compared with that of Covid vaccine, and c) the efficacy of the respective vaccines in preventing severe illness. Draw a conclusion on each and provide reasons, citing your sources.  In your discussion, be sure to address why your sources are reliable.  [Target length: 7 developed paragraph–2 paragraphs for each of the three things and 1 paragraph to discuss the reliability of your independent sources].
  2. Use the South Bay United Pentecostal Church v. Newsom case, the Malone and Hinman “Mandatory Vaccination” article and the example of forced sterilization (from the “When the Supreme Court Rules a Vaccine could be Mandatory” posting) to discuss the following. a. Discuss whether a religious exemption to vaccination mandates would be upheld or rejected now because of the liberty interest in religion.  Give reasons by using the background readings and your research to support your conclusion. Be sure to cite. b. Briefly discuss what other limits should be considered, if any, in how to strike a balance between liberty interests and public health, especially in light of the forced sterilization of “mental defectives.”  c. Conclude by discussing whether any of these mitigate against vaccine mandates in schools. Give reasons for your position.  [Target length: 3 developed paragraphs].