In Module 5, you must write an ethical argument essay from your Ethical Rogerian Argument Thesis/Outline Assignment that you submitted in Module 4. In addition to the development of a strong argument with a clear thesis statement and sound credible support, you have now learned about how to effectively integrate sources while utilizing research strategies and properly citing sources to avoid plagiarism. In academic and professional settings, all of these skills that you are developing are of the utmost importance. The ethical Rogerian argument will enhance your understanding of the need to consider other perspectives and find common ground while including ethics from a Christian worldview standpoint. The second essay in the course will allow you to build on the skills that you presented in your first essay in the course so you can continue to grow as an academic writer and critical thinker.
Review chapter 14 in the textbook for the sample ethical Rogerian argument essay written in the documentation style for your major course of study. Using the sample and your outline from Module 4, write an ethical essay using the Rogerian model of argument in which you address the question in the prompt. The research sources for this essay have been provided for you. Any additional sources that you may choose to use must be credible academic sources. You may include biblical support, but your biblical support does not count in the required citations.
• Prompt: How far should humans go to protect the environment?
• Write a 1,000–1,200-word proposal essay using the Rogerian Model of argument in which you address the question in the prompt. (Title page, citations, and reference section should not be included in word count.)
• Document your sources correctly according to your documentation style (Current APA, MLA, or Turabian).
• Integrate at least 4 quotations, 1 summary, and 1 paraphrase (6 total) into your essay from at least 3 credible sources to support your thesis statement and provide opposing arguments acknowledging common ground as emphasized in Rogerian argument.

Helpful Hints:
• Chapter 14 in Module 4 includes sample student essays for an ethical (Rogerian) essay written in each of the documentation styles (APA, MLA, and Turabian).
• Review the Proofreading Checklist (below) to understand the content that you must include in your essay assignment.
• Review the Ethical Rogerian Argument Essay Assignment Grading Rubric before submitting your essay assignment.

Learn Application Successful Needs Revision
1. Introduction: Establishes the ethical principle and states the essay’s thesis
2. Background: Gives an overview of the situation and provides necessary information about the topic
3. Ethical analysis: Explains the ethical principle and analyzes the particular situation on the basis of this principle
4. Evidence in support of the thesis: integrates a total of at least 6 quotes, summaries, and/or paraphrases from at least 3 credible sources
5. Finds common ground as required by Rogerian model of argument
6. Refutation of opposing arguments: Addresses objections and refutes them in a clear and respectful way
7. Conclusion: Restates the ethical principle as well as the thesis (not in the exact words); includes a strong concluding statement
8. Contains pathos (emotional) appeals, (values/belief) appeals, and/or logos (factual) appeals- as appropriate
9. Title reflects issue and ethics
10. Uses only third person pronouns (all first and second person pronouns have been removed)
11. If using current APA format, contains properly formatted, title, abstract, and references page
If using current MLA format, contains a properly formatted Works Cited page
If using current Turabian format, contains a properly formatted title page and bibliography page
12. Double spaced; 12-point Times New Roman font
13. Uses signal phrases and appropriate transitions
14. References/Works Cited/ Bibliography page includes all sources cited within the body of the essay
15. Checked spelling, grammar/mechanics

When you are satisfied with the quality of your essay, submit in the course via the Turnitin link for grading. Include your degree program and whether you are using current MLA, APA, or Turabian in the document’s title when submitting your essay.

IMPORTANT: Fully cite all quotations, summaries, and paraphrases used within your essay, or those excerpts will be regarded as plagiarism and will result in a “0” on your essay and possible course failure.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.