Year-End Performance Report – 2020 Hancock Regional Hospital
A. Introduction
This section is a reminder to the trustees about the facility and its service area. As such, one purpose is to provide a detailed summary of the facility, e.g., bed count, staff size, physician mix, the scope of services, accreditation, awards, ownership status, etc. It is important to review the organization’s Vision, Mission, and Values with the board as a transition to specifying the service area’s characteristics. It is important to define the characteristics of the service and review the priority health service needs. Use the most recently available Community Needs Assessment report. This section is to provide an objective review of the hospital and its defined service area – no evaluative comments should be included. The Introduction is also a benchmark created for the trustees – a foundation upon which you will use strengths to discuss a positive impact on the community. Weaknesses will be used to identify distractions from the service mission plus opportunities for improvement in 2021.
B. Performance Strengths
The report’s premise is that fiscal strengths reflect executive stewardship of resources – thereby supporting the fulfillment of the organization’s mission. Use this section to highlight fiscal strengths as displayed in a) service statistics and b) measured fiscal ratios for 2020. Since you are writing this report as the “as if” CFO or CEO, it will be left to you which fiscal detail/ratios you use to support your positive summary. I’ve attached an expanded list of ratios to consider
for this analysis.
C. Performance Weaknesses
A countervailing purpose of this year-end report is to alert the trustees to fiscal shortcomings because, individually and collectively, they dilute/diminish the hospital’s accountability for the health status of its service area. Your review of weaknesses should be followed by a summary of performance improvement recommendations. Since, as the quasi CFO/CEO, these limitations reflect on your stewardship, your goal is to encourage the trustees that you know what to do in 2021.
D. Report Summary
To this point, your report has been an informed narrative supported by specifics. In this section, your goal is the encourage the trustees that 2020 is in the rearview mirror and 2021 is a yet-to-be-realized opportunity. Here, you should define how to build on current strengths and address measured shortcomings.