This assignment focuses on Gillette’s product development process. There is also a description of why U.S. razor consumers differ from India.

Gillette’s product development process : why U.S. razor consumers differ from India

The history of shaving has evolved alongside the sophistication of men’s razors.So, the shape of the cartridge and the number of blades have changed over time. There’s a reason why Harry’s investors are betting that reinventing the razor was no flash-in-the-pan idea. Insurgent brands are shaking up the way people buy everything from mattresses to prescription acne remedies, eating into the market share of big consumer product companies and leaving them scrambling to respond.

Besides, a pivot has been introduced between the blades and handle.Gillette controlled about 70 percent of the U.S. market a decade ago. Last year, its market share dropped to below 50 percent, according to Euromonitor.

Why U.S. razor consumers differ from India

Please read the study cases and answer following questions: 1.How and why do U.S. razor consumers differ from razor consumers in India? 2.How did Gillette product development process differ for the Gillette Guard when compared to its previous product development processes? 3.Should Gillette release the Gillette Guard in the U.S.?  Should it release the product in other low-income countries besides India? 4.How as the internet enabled new competitors like Dollar Shave Club?

 Why U.S. razor consumers differ from India

Again, Why doesn’t Gillette just replicate the model of low cost razors similar to the ones it is selling in India? 5.Gillette just launched new Barber like Shave at Home at CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. So, Below is the new ad campaign highlighting that its product is one of the Best of CES 2019 and here is a VIDEO that explains how the new razor works. How would you recommend marketing this product in India?

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