Political Risk

You are an international strategy consultant for a major firm. Your boss has
given you a dossier on a client worried about deteriorating trade conditions
between the United States, Europe, China, and Latin America. Your client’s firm
is a large Spain-based corporation. It sells a range of goods in its retail stores,
from clothing to small consumer electronics to household goods. The supply
chain and contractor agreements stretch from Brazil to Mexico, through Eastern
and Central Europe and on to South-East and East Asia. Provide a strategy
briefing outlining the international and regional trade conditions, existing and
proposed regulations, and political risk of more regulations affecting these
regions (North and South America, Europe, and East Asia). Include both the
negative developments as well as positive ones.

Marketing, Brand & Emerging Markets

You work for a multinational marketing and branding firm. You have been
contracted by a major Sweden-based multinational home furniture company
that wants to expand from the European market to next door markets in the
Middle East and Southeast Asia. Before preparing a cost-benefit analysis, and
a branding and marketing campaign, your boss wants to find out what kind of
images, ideas, brands and thinking strikes a chord among the demographics in
these regions. Pick one region and pick two or three countries to examine.
Write a briefing that outlines a) existing competitor furniture companies (both
local and international) as part of a SWOT analysis, b) the core demographics,
including economic income and other core statistics, and c) the trends, ideas
and brands that are most appreciated in those countries that could fit with your
mission of selling Swedish furniture.


Your company is being contracted by a government in Europe to examine the
impact of the 21st century digital revolution on its business. You can pick
whichever country you wish within Europe. The Government needs to
understand the impact of technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial
Intelligence (AI), Integrated Digital Supply Chains and Robotics. Explain the key
latest developments and how this will provide positive and negative outcomes
for the country’s trade and business environment, as well as employment and
governmental responsibilities toward social care, healthcare, and citizens’

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