Global Competitiveness Report 2017

The purpose of the assignment is to investigate the undergraduate’s perceptions on 21st-century employability skills toward career adapt-abilities. In the context of the United Arab Emirates, the government of Abu Dhabi, took the commitment as part of its economic vision 2030 to focus on four key priorities and one of them is Social and Human Resources Development. The initiative emphasizes on mismatch skills and knowledge between education and labor market demand amongst Emirati; involving series of education reform to address the skill gap and to ensure the supply of suitability qualified employees to meet the shifting requirements of the private sector.

Use the following link to access the article for the Assignment topic.

4 reasons why your country should be more competitive:

  • Starts the report with complete report title, and the link.: 1st paragraph
  • Write about what this article is all about in terms of the concepts/ issues being studied: 2nd – 3rd paragraph.
  • Write about the focus of the issues and why this issue is important to be addressed: 4th – 6th paragraph.

Quick Response

The first concept noted by the article to be considered by any country includes the productivity paradox. According to the article, global productivity has slowed down despite the introduction of new technologies(Sala-i-Martin, 2017). One of the explanations behind this notion is that innovations today are essential but influence productivity for instance dependence on social media and smartphones where time is lost. The other concept includes the existence of the fourth industrial revolution. This revolution is characterized by the introduction of technology innovations that opens up opportunities for nations internationally. The third concept revolves around growing income disparity where the rich continues to get richer and vice versa. Finally, an increase in the working population leading to populism neo-nationalism…


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