The assignment talks about Global Development of Access to Legal Information. Additionally, there is a description of Department for International Development. So, identify the legal issues that require consideration.

Global Development of Access to Legal Information – Department for International Development

Firstly, you asked to write a concise piece of legal advice advising James of his chances of a successful appeal to the Supreme Court. Secondly, your advice should not exceed 1,750 words in length (excluding your bibliography). So, if you exceed the word limit by more than 10%, you will be penalised by up to 5% of the marks. Do NOT use footnotes or endnotes – all case citations (and other references) should be included in the body of your advice. Your work should word-processed and contain a detailed bibliography with full citations. Your advice should supported by relevant case law and statutes (where appropriate).  Plagiarism will not be tolerated, do not copy anyone else’s work, or show anyone else your work.  You are reminded that plagiarism includes purchasing model coursework from whatever source.

Global Development of Access to Legal Information – Department for International Development

Learning Outcomes

 This coursework is designed to test the following legal skills: Firstly, to handle factual data, selecting the material that is legally relevant. Secondly, to identify the legal issues that require consideration. Thirdly, to deal with those issues in a clear and coherent manner. Also, to select appropriate authorities that will enable a resolution of those issues. Additionally, to write and argue rationally, coherently and succinctly. Finally, to use appropriate legal skills (i.e., citation of cases, legal research, etc.)

 Global Development of Access to Legal Information – Department for International Development

 Besides, you must submit your work electronically via Turnitin. Do NOT hand in a paper copy.

Paul Craig, ‘Theory, “Pure Theory” and Values in Public Law’ [2005] PL 440

When pinpointing, put a comma between the first page of the article and the page pinpoint.

JAG Griffith, ‘The Common Law and the Political Constitution’ (2001) 117 LQR 42, 64


Online journals

Graham Greenleaf, ‘The Global Development of Free Access to Legal Information’ (2010) 1(1) EJLT < > accessed 27 July 2010

Command papers and Law Commission reports

Department for International Development, Eliminating World Poverty: Building our Common Future (White Paper, Cm 7656, 2009) ch 5

Law Commission, Reforming Bribery (Law Com No 313, 2008) paras 3.12–3.17


Websites and blogs

Sarah Cole, ‘Virtual Friend Fires Employee’ (Naked Law, 1 May 2009) <> accessed 19 November 2009


Newspaper articles

Jane Croft, ‘Supreme Court Warns on Quality’ Financial Times (London, 1 July 2010) 3

Detailed Instructions


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