This assignment focuses on 2008 Global Economic Crisis. There is also a description of Automation in the Workplace.

2008 Global Economic Crisis : Automation in the Workplace

Instructions Written Assignment #2 – Topic Summary Length: 1000-1250 words (4-5 pages).  This assignment is intended to help you explore a topic raised in class in greater detail, which will require you to do some additional reading on the subject and assess what the ‘next steps’ in further research on this subject might be. Select a topic from the attached list and provide, in your own words. So,  an explanation of that topic. Your summary should give the reader a functional understanding of the topic and make them be aware of the recent major developments related to this topic (e.g. examples of how this topic has appeared in the news recently). Your response should include at least four appropriate sources. You may use include assigned readings for this class, but these will not count towards your four sources.

2008 Global Economic Crisis : Automation in the Workplace

Be sure to cite any sources you use using APA citations, and include a list of references in APA format at the end. Grading Rubric Summary – 50% – did your paper cover enough of this subject, and in sufficient detail, to be an effective summary? Did you adequately cover more recent developments on this topic? Research – 30% – did you identify good sources for your paper, and did you effectively use them to support your own writing? Writing/APA – 20% – includes word count, overall writing quality, and APA citatons/references. TOPIC SUMMARY – OPTIONS Choose one of the following and write your topic summary on that subject. • 2008 Global Economic Crisis • Automation in the Workplace 

Detailed Instructions


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