Global Leadership & Organizational behavior Assignment Guidelines.


At the end of this module students should be able to:


1: Discuss and analyze the relationship between individual personality, leadership styles and motivation and appraise its impact on employee engagement and organizational improvement, so as to show a clear awareness of leadership styles.

2: Evaluate the origins of leadership issues thought and how this can influence organizational structure and subsequently impact upon group and team behavior and consider the relationship between strategic leadership issues and leadership issues.  

3: Critique leadership issues culture and evaluate inter-cultural impacts upon potential organizational success, and evaluate ethical, value-based approach and social expectations of contemporary leadership.



An Individual Case Study Report (3500 words) to meet learning outcomes 1, 2 & 3 above.

Case Study Research and identify an organisation of your choice to consider strategic leadership issues. Present your analysis of your chosen organisation and your analysis should include a consideration of the following issues:  

An evaluation of the differences between strategic leadership and strategic management

An analysis of the culture and values of the chosen organisation and their impact on strategic leadership  

Consideration of legal and ethical requirements to which the organisation of your choice is subject  

From the external environment, consider the current and emerging concerns which will impinge on the organizational leadership  

Evaluation of leadership styles and strategies evident in the organisation including benefits and drawbacks