The assignment describes Global Political and Legal Environments. Moreover, there is a Analysis of Facebook Worst Company. So, Use the notes at the bottom for clarification.

Global Political and Legal Environments – Facebook Worst Company Analysis

 Continue working with your chosen worst company (Facebook) for the assignment and complete the following:

1-Describe and integrate the political and legal environments/structures of your selected company’s home (domestic) country and another country in which it does business (global). If your company does not have another clearly identified country, select a country in which it is likely to do — or could do – business.

2-What exists for your worst company (Facebook) in the context of the domestic and global political-legal environments? Use the notes at the bottom for clarification.

Global Political and Legal Environments – Facebook Worst Company Analysis

The political environment refers to the governmental regulation of business at all levels — local, state and federal. It is a complex system of rules, regulations, institutions, competing philosophies, and attitudes. State and local government political structure is as important to business as the federal. Examples are licensing, zoning and land use, health and safety, work rules, business taxes of many kinds (payroll, sales tax, real estate tax, fuel taxes, waste disposal fees). The PL environment overlaps every other business environment. Recently minimum wage has become a high profile issue with varying opinions about whether it should be controlled at only the federal, state or local level.  The current status is a federally set minimum wage that is below a varying higher minimum wage among many states. Multi-state businesses have to keep track of these rules for understanding the wage floors, which tend to change annually.  

Global Political and Legal Environments – Facebook Worst Company Analysis

Firstly, environmental and safety regulations and all levels of government are further examples of complex compliance areas affecting every type of business. Secondly, many of these are also in flux through the political process. The politics of society affect the legal environment. It is why we consider them as a  “package.”   Legal compliance should be the daily watchword of every business.  Additionally, there is the litigious nature of American society. Citizens know they have the right to sue rather than pursue other, lower cost, remedies like arbitration or Small Claims Court when they think they have a grievance against a business. Some litigation is justified. Some is frivolous. Business practice should aim to avoid the former and accept the reality of the latter.

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