Globalization and its effect

You will prepare a civic issue research paper that clearly defines and frames a key policy or civic issue that matters to you. Your paper should (a) define the key problem or civic issue for study; (b) explain why this problem or civic issue requires civic action; (c) identify what is the appropriate level(s) (i.e., local, national, global) for action should be to address that problem or civic issue. You will use web-based research on the Internet to analyze and to evaluate what are the leading nonprofit organizations, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), or policy think tanks that are working on this particular civic problem or policy issue. Also, scholarly journal articles will be used to support your research

Quick Response

Globalization as a phenomenon can only be explored from the international level and its impacts discussed down to the local level. The term globalization refers to the process where communities and businesses develop international influence and approach. This has been greatly influenced by the rapid growth of technology. Globalization influence culture, trade, competition, organizational culture, social trends, and employment among other aspects(Ekins & Voituriez, 2012). The effects can be either positive or negative. One of the positive effects includes global market, which influences the growth of the economy. Globalization influences access to the global market hence increase demand despite the geographical boundaries. That has resulted in increased multinational corporations and an increase in foreign direct investments…

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