Since we developed a definition of globalization in the last module, this week we’re digging further into how it applies to you personally. This could be in your personal experiences of objects or events you’ve observed in the community around you. Because Milestone One is also due this week, let’s start to discuss the issues and events that interest you. Based on the module resources and your own research, write an initial post that addresses the following:

  • Describe an event related to globalization that either you or someone around you has witnessed or experienced. What did you take away and how did it enhance your understanding of globalization?
  • Share a current issue in global society that you have found interesting or that has personally impacted you. Post an article from a news source. How does globalization help you better understand the issue?

Post at least two responses to your fellow students. In your responses, consider both sides of your classmates’ issues. Compare and contrast your answers. What do you like about your peers’ explanations, and what would you add?

Make sure you support your response with the readings from this module, and any additional resources if needed.