I need an essay written about my long term goals and personal accomplishments and Interests.  ! I am applying for a scholarship ! I have a bachelors in psychology and I am enrolled in school for a masters in clinical psychology for the spring of 2024. I ultimately would like to become a pediatric neuropsychologist. I would like to run psychological testing on children and young adults. I have a particular interest in running tests on children with autism. I am currently a certified behavior technician and I work with kids who have autism spectrum disorders. Since I work with kids on the spectrum I have taken an interest in how children with ASD functions and how their Brain works. I work for a company called Action Behavior Centers and I have been able to shadow one of our clinical assessment specialists. I have been able to see the different types of test that they run including the ADOS test. Can you please create an essay that talks about my involvement with children with disabilities and make it relate to my goal of becoming a child psychologist. You can look up different tests if needed to tie it all together.