1. Review the chapter on Advocacy in the textbook to prepare for this assignment.  Consider how you are an advocate as you work within an organization, and how you advocate for the staff, the patients, the organization, the profession, and yourself, and how your interactions have and will affect each of these groups.

    This assignment will consist of two parts: 1) identify your leadership project goals, and 2) selecting the appropriate team members who will be necessary to accomplish your goals while advocating for staff, patients, the organization, the profession, and even yourself.  
    1. Based on the problem in nursing practice that you have decided to change/manage, delineate and clearly state five goals for your leadership project. These goals should be SMART: Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timed.
    2. Describe your plan for establishing a multidisciplinary team to produce the desirable change.  
      1. Identify who will be on your multidisciplinary team (by department)/inter-professional team  that you will lead to produce the desirable change.  
      2. Define every member, including the rationale behind being selected to join the team and why it is important to include him/her in your multidisciplinary team
      3. Explain each member’s role on the team since it is your responsibility as a team leader to delineate roles and responsibilities of each member in this team.

    Also describe your health care institution (hospital, clinic, etc.) policy in communicating your project activities and results. With whom and through whom you will communicate to establish the team?

    Respond in a two-page APA paper and cite three peer reviewed references.