The assignment focuses on Governance Roles and Leadership styles. Also, there is an analysis of Business Models. So, you must provide justification for your analysis.

Governance Roles and Leadership styles – Business Models Analysis

Firstly, your analysis should include your diagnosis of Strebel’s drivers (governance roles, leadership styles, organizational modes. Also, business models) and stance on integrity for each of the two companies. So, based on your diagnosis, you will provide your conclusion on which company is better positioned for the near future. You must provide justification for your analysis. Your term project should have at least 20 cited resources. Proper citation is a MUST. Failure to provide proper citation can be grounds for academic dishonesty and a grade of F will be assigned. Your term project should be no more than 12 pages for content, you are responsible to ensure that you do not exceed the page limit.Subtitles Title Page. Table of Contents. Executive Summary (single-spaced). Rationale for selecting the Industry (Include the NAICS Code Number). Nature of the Industry.

Governance Roles and Leadership styles – Business Models Analysis

Background of companies (no more than half a page total). Integrity analysis. Governance roles analysis. Leadership styles analysis. Organizational modes analysis. Business models analysis. Company that is better positioned and justification. The term business model has been used in practice for few years, but companies create, define
and innovate their models subconsciously from the start of business. Our paper is aimed to clear
the theory about business model, hence definition and all the components that form each business. In the second part, we create an analytical tool and analyze the real business models in Slovakia and define the characteristics of each part of business model

Detailed Instructions


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