Portfolio task 2 Group Decision Making (approx. 300 words): ‘Are group decisions more accurate than individual decisions?

  • Based on activity in Workshop in Week 6
  • You need to support your argument in response to the title with references from this week’s reading.

Outline of what to include for this task in the portfolio 

  • Include: Title and references (not counted in word count)
  • Don’t include: Section headings/abstract/statistical tests
  • Background to the study including references to literature (approx. 50 words)
  • What was done (approx. 75 words)
  • What was found – descriptive statistics (approx. 75 words) 
  • Explanation of findings in light of group dynamics and in relation to the published literature (approx. 150 words)

A replication of Hall and Watson (1970)

  • Making decisions individually (Individual -NASA discrepancy score)
  • Discussion to reach group consensus
  • Group decision (Group -NASA discrepancy score)
  • Hypothesis: Group discussion improves decision making
  • Compare averaged Individual-NASA discrepancy scores with Group-NASA discrepancy score to test this