The assignment concentrates on Guidelines for Teaching Plan. Besides, there is a description of  Psychotropic drugs Review. So, develop a teaching plan for each of the drug.

Guidelines for Teaching Plan – Psychotropic drugs Review

Description Teaching Plan. Firstly, choose Psychotropic agent and develop a teaching plan for each of the drug. Secondly, create a teaching pamphlet. Guidelines for the teaching plan can be found in the grading rubric for Teaching Plan for Pyschotropic agents under the Assignments tab and the grading will be based on inclusion of all content criteria listed in the guidelines. Assignment #2: Teaching Plan and Educational Pamphlets for Psychotropic drugs. Also, choose 1 psychotropic agents develop a teaching plan for each of these agents. Categories include: ant-anxiety, anti-depressant, anti-psychotic Write a scholarly paper APA style discussing findings on the agent you chose.

Guidelines for Teaching Plan – Psychotropic drugs Review

Additionally, based on your paper design a pamphlet providing education on the agent you chose. Pamphlet design can be one pamphlet for each agent. It is important to consider your population and ability to comprehend information. Firstly, select a psychiatric diagnosis treated with a psychotropic agent. Secondly, identify the disease and describe 3 or more criteria, including signs and symptoms, affected population group, morbidity and mortality Thirdly, select a Drug that targets the disease. Also, clearly discuss key information items about each drug including all 7 criteria: name, indications, dosing, contraindications, precautions, drug & food interactions, side effects/ adverse reactions.

Guidelines for Teaching Plan – Psychotropic drugs Review

3. Research trials: Provide research information to support your education material. Include all 8 criteria: name of trial, type of trial, number of participants, length of trial, treatment, goal of trial, results, limitations, miscellaneous comments. Statistics used to support analysis. 5. Format of Pamphlet: Ensure Format is appropriate for a third grade reading level. Pamphlets should be visually appealing, and address all aspects including doses, side effects and directions on administration.

Detailed Instructions


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