Part One of the Capstone Project is a reference guide for you – an Annotated Bibliography inwhich each student presents a list of at least 20 references that you will use for your capstoneproject. This bibliography should be annotated, meaning, you should write a few sentences (~150words) explaining the content of each article below the citation.

An example is listed here:

– The majority of the references (at least 15 of the 20) must be from scientific journal articles thatare empirical in nature that means that they tested a hypothesis. A typical empirical researchstudy should have the following: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Bibliography 

The references form a coherent theme that relates to your chosen capstone topic

The annotated bibliography needs to be in APA format. All the references need to have allcomponents and should be written with all appropriate commas, italics, etc

The substance of the annotations succinctly describes the articles in your list. There are 1-3sentences that describe the contents of the article as well as at least one sentence on how itrelates to your own research.