Diverse costumer needs would include how you would handle referrals, communication with each other in regards to religion, beliefs, etc., how you maintain the correct use of equipment or demonstrate the correct technique for a client, etc. 2. Costumer concerns are not only compliance. Please include such as: pricing, services such as childminding, standard of equipment or instructors, timetable changes and operating hours. 3. Financial transaction: needs more information. What should you trainer know about them, how would you handle cash flow, EFTPOS, counter sales etc. 4. Handovers: needs more detail. Your new trainer needs to know what to do when they shift ends, are there any procedures in place for that or when handing over clients, or your workstation. 5. Broader fitness industry information – missing. How will your trainer stay up to date with their qualifications (education) or any new requirements in regards to their qualifications? 

Where would they find information about any industry changes and updates? Please make sure to not only list things like a manual. Each point needs to be at least one to two paragraphs long. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN – New Team Members Induction. Hi there, if you are reading this I want to start of by congratulating you on becoming a part of our team! Please familiarize yourself with the organizational policies and the organizations procedures. Completing financial transactions – Financial transaction policy and procedures manual. The financial policy and procedures manual will set out how to deal with financial transactions. How to get receipts, handle cash, use the POS ect. Completing work plans and schedules – Work plan and scheduling reporting manual. Follow the work plan/manual for rosters, routines and staff Handover Procedures – Standard Operating Procedures. Doing a handover with the next staff member and make them aware of what happened on your shift including broken equipment, notes on clients, cash transactions, any hazards etc. Completing incident, work health and safety maintenance reports – Follow the WHS manual and organizations policies to complete these reports. Incidents, spills, maintenance reports. Customer Service – Customer service policies manual. Sales procedure, feedback procedure, orientation. 

Consider the individual and th​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‍​e community, always be client focused. Admin reporting – Standard operating procedure. Cleaning procedures, maintenance reports, compliance reports. Health and hygiene – Workplace health and safety procedure. General health issues, standards and compliance. Standard operating procedures, Cleaning standards. To deal with a complaint – Try to first resolve the issue yourself. Be open and respectful to the client. Try not to take the complaint as a negative experience and try and learn from this. Do your best to ensure the client and yourself can take a positive from this complaint and take the information onboard and improve your knowledge and skillset. If it is outside your area of responsibility, please escalate it as soon as possible and let the client know of the process it will take to be handled and try to give them a timeframe. Different responsibilities but all part of a team. Please be aware and responsible for your tasks listed below. Please remember we are a team and some of the tasks will overlap so we can all help eachtoher on things we are comfortable and knowledgeable with. Manager – Sets the culture of work teams. Manages teams, oversees admin and reporting. hire/release staff. Train new staff, decision making, training, development, financial management, goal setting. Cleaner – Keeps the facilities clean. Maintains cleaning equipment and supplies, empties bins sanitizes equipment

May fix broken machines. Coach – Sometimes a volunteer. Plans organizes and delivers a range of sports and activities. Performance analysis, skill instruction, general training, motivation. Set up matches, organize transport and accommodation Instructor – May instruct swimming, outdoor ed, sports and fitness. Can coach, guide and teach learners to achieve desired results. Administrator – Provides office and admin support to the team. Takes phone calls, guide visitors, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, file reports, fundraising. Ordering of sullies and equipment. Take bookings and basic organizing. Receptionist – Face of the business. Represents the organization as an ambassador. Greets visitors, answers calls, routes them to the correct staff, email liaising, overlapping tasks with the administrator. Judge, Referee, Umpire 

– Leads sport activities within the rules and regulations. Duty of care that keeps all participating members safe. Must be impartial and uphold spirit of the game. PR/Publicity – Coordinate the promotion of activities. Creates promo material. Liaises with management to make campaigns. Promotional offers we provide – Community fitness programs – Run free programs in the park to get people interested in what your training is about. If they like it they may be willing to pay for your services. Reduced prices/No joining fees – Get people in the door with reduced or no joining fees, if people are more likely to try something new if it doesn’t cost them or have any obligations. Bring a friend – A paying member can bring a friend along to training for free! Fitness challenges – Lose a certain amount of weight or come to this many sessions in a set period of time and pay a set rate for the whole course of the exercise. If you need access to information regarding ongoing training and support, please visit https://fitness.org.au/ or any peak body for your sector​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‍​.