This assignment focuses on Current DoS attacks. There is also an analysis of “hacktivist” cyber operations. So,how do current DoS attacks demand for a sense of cyber urgency?

Current DoS attacks : “hacktivist” cyber operations

In recent news, online extremists have conducted “hacktivist” cyber operations, primarily in the form of website vandalisms, Denial-of-Service  attacks, and release of personally identifiable information (PII) in an effort to spread the belief in a pro-Islamic State of Iraq, Levant (ISIL) propaganda, and as a method of provoking violence against the United States and the West.

Current DoS attacks : “hacktivist” cyber operations

Victims of the attacks often target web servers of high-profile organizations such as banking, commerce, and media companies, or government and trade organizations. Though attacks do not typically result in the theft or loss of significant information or other assets, they can cost the victim a great deal of time and money to handle.

There are two general methods of Denial-of-Service  attacks: flooding services or crashing services. Flood attacks occur when the system receives too much traffic for the server to buffer, causing them to slow down and eventually stop.

For this SLP, answer the following:

How do current DoS attacks demand for a sense of cyber urgency?

Explain the effects of Denial-of-Service  attacks attacks on both the public and private sector? List two DoS current event examples.

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