This assignment focuses on Mackie’s case study. There is also a description of harboring misconception about the material. So, please title your papers and include your name and student number.

Mackie’s case study : harboring misconception about the material

“ Assuming now that your short paper will be on Mackie–there are some things that you write here that suggests you’re harbouring some misconception about the material. Mackie isn’t a subjectivist, and the argument from relativity that you’re discussing isn’t supposed to support moral relativism (a kind of moral subjectivism) rather, he’s a error theorist, and he thinks the argument from relativity supports, even if only in part, moral error theory.

You claim: “Another reason why I think that Mackie’s argument is sound is that ethics and values are conclusions reached by people to enhance survival and living with each other”. This begs the question. Whether anti-realism is true is precisely what’s at issue. So, you can assume the very thing you (or Mackie) are (is) trying to establish.

Mackie’s case study : harboring misconception about the material

So, there’s room for improvement here. (You’re also going to want to cite appropriately in your short paper).”

Given the above points that you must take into consideration when you write my short paper, you also have to follow the following instructions as well:

1- Your short paper must build upon your argument analysis, expanding on the idea(s) of your analysis, or incorporating ideas, suggestions, or comments addressed in breakout sessions.

2- It must include a thesis statement and consist of a defense of that thesis.

Papers should be no longer than 1200 words, using a 12-point font and one-inch margins.


3- Please title your papers and include your name and student number.


4- There is no need for a cover sheet.


5- Include a bibliography and cite accordingly. If you don’t know how to cite, please consult a reference guide.


6- Bibliography style is MLA.


This paper has to be summitted on Turnitin in to check whether it is plagiarism free. So please make sure to source everything you use it from somewhere else.

Detailed Instructions


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