This assignment focuses on Hardware Descriptions and Process Narratives. However, if you need to a little research, that’s fine, but keep it to a minimum and document where you found the information

Hardware Descriptions and Process Narratives

Hardware  Portfolio 2: Hardware Descriptions and Process Narratives Rough drafts due by Wednesday, July 1. (Posted in the assigned discussion board area) Peer feedback to assigned teammate(s) due by Sunday, July 5 Final draft due by Sunday, July 12 (submitted through this page) Portfolio 2 will be worth 20% of your semester average. Pay close attention to my notes and samples. This is a challenging assignment, and I expect proper format in every area of this portfolio. Get started early. The assignments for this portfolio consists of two (2) documents.

The two documents do not have to relate to one another: 1) the hardware description (for a non-specialist audience) 2) the process narrative (also for a non-specialist audience).  Both documents must  written in the 3rd person point of view (He, She, It, They, Them). Avoid 1st (I, We, Us) and 2nd (You) person perspectives. Please click the following links to view each unit’s description.

 Descriptions and Process Narratives

The  Description  Unit.pdf – Alternative Formats The Process Narrative Unit.pdf. So, the Process Narrative Unit.pdf – Alternative Formats.  Note: The point of this portfolio is to see how well you can communicate detailed information to an audience not familiar with the subject. I expect the hardware description and process narrative to be written by you with your own knowledge. However, if you need to a little research, that’s fine, but keep it to a minimum and document where you found the information. Plagiarism will not  tolerated. Citing Images: Both assignments will require you to use at least one (1) image.

Detailed Instructions


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