The assignment focuses on Harold and Maude critical analysis. Besides, there is also a description of British Film Institute book on cult films. So, What do you think makes the film a “successful” cult film?

Harold and Maude critical analysis

Description. Firstly, you will be writing an essay about a film that called “ Harold and Maude”. Secondly, write a critical analysis on the film “ Harold and Maude”. here the link to the film. . watch-online Questions to consider. Also, what do you think makes the film a “successful” cult film? In a British Film Institute book on cult films, the cult appeal of H&M . Seen as stemming from “both the absurdity and the taboo‐breaking nature of the relationship” between Harold and Maude.

Harold and Maude critical analysis

Exactly how is their relationship absurd, and what taboos broken? The secret to Harold and Maude’s enduring appeal was this: “We’re all Harold, and we all want to be Maude. We’re all repressed and trying to free, to ourselves, to  vitally interested in living, to everything we want.” Your thoughts? Are there any quotes that you can recall? In particular, the edit juxtaposing the field of daisies and the cemetery shot (with a slow pull‐back to reveal so many gravestones) seen by many critics as a direct metaphor, and a critique of the Vietnam war.

Harold and Maude critical analysis

Your thoughts? What are your thoughts on Maude’s brand of “free spirit?” Firstly, do you think that the ending is the only possible fate for Harold and Maude? Secondly, apply semiotic terms to your film analysis such as signifier, signified, symbolic, iconic, indexical mode, intertextuality, denotation and connotation. Thirdly, apply Ethical Theories (Deontological, Teleological, Personalist).

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