. Does your paper flow? Can I follow the plot?


. Are your sentences complete?


. Have you properly used commas in compound sentences?


. Are you using words properly ?



. Do you have proper sentence structure?


. Have you kept the tenses consistent in the paper?


. Did you obviously not run the spelling/grammar check?


. See top 10 grammar mistakes as well as grammatical comments throughout youfeedback.


 Use of active vs. passive voice


. Is it clear that this is an economic paper?


. Have you used theories and terms properly throughout the paper?


. Have you properly captured the economic problem?


 Have you strayed from the initial context of the paper ?


. Is it clear to the reader that you are arguing a position, and if so, what your position is?


. Have you properly defended your position with relevant evidence?


 Are you writing to inform? Is it clear what I should know upon completion?


. Do you have citations of data that support your argument?


. Are your citations properly balanced with YOUR argument? Citations of other sources


should be about 15% maximum, the rest should be your argument.