The assignment focuses on St. Francois Mtns. Also, there is a description of The Great Unconformity. So, hypothesize why these rocks are now at the surface in this area.

St. Francois Mtns-The Great Unconformity

Firstly, St. Francois Mtns- the magmatic rocks of the St. Francois Mtns. Secondly, what kinds of rocks, how old these, what kind of magmatic system(s) these? How do these fit into a plate tectonic setting and the large scale regional geology of North America at the time). – “The Great Unconformity” and how it expressed in the St. Francois Mtns? also, what kind of rocks mark the unconformity? – other special rock types, rock relationships that you think are worth mentioning, describing (your pick).

St. Francois Mtns-The Great Unconformity

Also hypothesize why these rocks are now at the surface in this area and they are not exposed elsewhere in Missouri. Must use 5 sources and at least 3 figures, I have included 2 sources must find 3 more and of course the figures. It is fitting that the Grand Canyon should contain some of the best exposures of The Great Unconformity. The gap in the rock record between Cambrian times (~550 m.y. ago) and the pre-Cambrian (anything earlier). An unconformity is a surface in the rock record, in the stratigraphic column. Representing a time from which no rocks preserved. It could represent a time when no rocks were formed. Also, a time when rocks were formed but then eroded away. Small unconformities are ubiquitous in the rock record — for instance, in the Coconino sandstone, every cross-bed surface represents a small unconformity. The Great Unconformity is important for three reasons:

  • it represents a long span of time — 250 to 1200 million years in the Grand Canyon;
  • it found nearly everywhere across the globe; and
  • it divides rocks with familiar fossils from those with no fossils or only fossil bacteria.

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