Health assessment: Patient-Wadi Wabusu

To design an Exercise Prescription (Ex Rx) of 4 weeks for the client assigned to you based on: the goals of the client, the Health Assessment and Exercise Assessment using the Lab Patients Summer 2018 data set for cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF), muscular fitness (MF), flexibility (FLEX), and neuromotor performance (NMP) using the FITT-VP principle. Results: Present the Health Assessment and Exercise Assessment data corrected from the previous 2 lab reports in Tables 1 and 2 and Figure 1. For the final Lab Report you will create Table 3 with the new information – an Exercise Prescription. Follow the guidelines of ACSM and EP texts using the FITT-VP format for the Ex Rx.: frequency, intensity, time, type, with the addition of volume and progression for a comprehensive 4 week program. You may use additional resources (other than ACSM or EP) as well but make sure they are cited properly and referenced properly. In the table a chart is very useful for presenting each week of the 4 weeks of the Ex Rx and a sample chart is provided as a template. Use only the data on CRF, MF, FLEX and NMP of your client. Do not include any other components in the Ex Rx. You do not need to address any other body parts for MF than those tested. Anything you put in the Ex Rx you must be able to measure after the 4-week program. Fit each week on a separate page.

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