For this assignment, please review Chapter 10 in the course textbook, Health Care Finance: Basic Tools

for the Nonfinancial Managers, 5th edition. The example outlined on pages 104 and 105 will clarify these

Section 1 consists of calculating the staffing for Dr. Smith and Browns’ two offices: Spruce Street office
and the Birch Street Office.
Section 2 consists of converting the net paid days to the annualized factor.
Section 3 asks you to discuss the regulatory requirements about staffing and correlate staffing to cost.
As the office manager for Dr. Smith and Brown’s two offices, you are responsible for the developing the
yearly budget. To identify the cost related to staffing, you are tasked with annualizing the staff for both
offices. In addition, you must convert the employee’s net paid days worked to a factor.
Complete Section 1 of the table provided by entering the results of your calculations for each category. It
is important to understand that a business year is divided into quarters. Therefore, when calculating a
business year, you must divide the year into 52 weeks, which creates 13 months of 28 days, or 4 weeks.
This translates into 4 quarters of 91 days, as there are 364 days in a business year.
Dr. Smith and Brown’s Practice Information:
Both offices are open 7 days a week, which requires staffing for each of the 7 days for 8 hours a day. Dr.
Smith and Brown offer the following benefits to their full-time employees. The benefits are applied
according to the employee’s length of service. All employees at the Spruce Street office have been
employed for more than 3 years. All employees at the Birch Street office have been employed for at least
1 year, but less than 3.
3 to 5 years of service 1 to 3 years of service
10 Holidays 10 Holidays
5 Sick days 3 Sick days
15 Vacation days 7 Vacation days
3 Personal days 1 Personal days
3 Educational days 3 Educational day
Section 1:
Compute Net Paid Days Worked for a Full-time Employee
CATEGORY OF DAYS Spruce Street Office:
Number of Days
Birch Street Office:
Number of days
Total days: Business year
Less 2 days off per week
Number of paid days per year
Less paid days not worked:
Sick days


Vacation days
Personal days
Educational days
Total nonproductive days
Net productive days
Section 2:
Convert net paid days worked to a factor to annualize the staffing plan for Dr. Smith and Brown’s
physician practice at both offices. Complete the following table by entering the annualizing equation to
obtain the factor.
Spruce Street
Birch Street
Section 3:
Discuss the regulatory requirements about staffing and correlate staffing to cost.

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