The assignment explores Health Care Policy Advocacy. In addition, there is a description of Katy Adams Case Study. So, submit a letter of advocacy on behalf of the patient in the case study.

Health Care Policy Advocacy – Katy Adams Case Study

Paper details:

Firstly, there two parts to the advocacy project for this course. Secondly, both based on the case study of Katy Adams. Thirdly, the purpose for both of these is provide skills to assist your patients with their medically related needs. So, no collaboration is allowed for either of these requirements. The first part is to state the non-medical problems of the patient and then, using course content and other resources, what you can do to advocate for her. Cite when appropriate. 0 points will be given for any response that is directly copied and pasted from a web resource. The second part of the project is a letter of advocacy for an insurance denial for a medication that you have prescribed for a patient.

Health Care Policy Advocacy – Katy Adams Case Study

This is a one or two page letter and the grade will be based on how persuasively you advocate and how professionally the letter is written ( this includes grammar, format, etc.). 1. Identify 3 non-medical problems Katy Adams is experiencing and corresponding ways you could assist her. 15 points: 1point for the problem and 4 points for the corresponding assistance. 2. Submit a letter of advocacy on behalf of the patient in the case study to her insurance company on the denial of medication. 20 points Please do NOT address the clinical trial- this is not an aspect of the assignment.

Health Care Policy Advocacy – Katy Adams Case Study

The grading criteria for the letter to the insurance company is as follows: 8 points- application of course content to the question posed in the case study 8 points- persuasive writing 4 points- mechanics of writing, grammar, spelling NOTE: ATTACHED SAMPLE MEMO DOES NOT PERTAIN TO THE LETTER. FOR THE LETTER, YOU MUST USE A PROFESSIONAL LETTER FORMAT please see for what should be contained in a professional letter. you might have to refer to attached file “Health care policy access to care “

Detailed Instructions


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