Guidance for design: the format needs to include –

– Title of the study

– Intro to aims or goals: (why undertaking this project, are you trying to improve something, is there a sense of social responsibility involved).

—- Rationale (why bother, what is this all about, why is the proposed project being done))

– Theoretical Framework (conceptual or theoretical) using relevant theoretical models from course concepts

—- For example, health belied model, cultural competency, lifestyle theory, focus within the epidemiological triad.

– Methods (intervention design -what going to do?; evaluation plan (brief) – what did I do to measure?)

– Limitations/possible barriers

– Reference list (if applicable)


Characteristics of participants- think about the target population

who? gender, age, geographical location, professional affiliation, medical history, social status, education, economic status

How many? total #, group assignments

How selected?  availability, cooperatively, convenience, random, payments or incentives