Learning Goal: I’m working on a french question and need guidance to help me learn.

  1. Bonjour etudiants,For those who may be mothers–Happy Mother’s Day. For those visiting your mothers I hope you have a lovely time. I have slowed down the assignments as I thought you probably have a lot of work with other classes at the end of the semester. I hope no one minded.And I have to reiterate the rule that I would accept assignments one day and only one day late with a few points off. This has not changed. Almost all of you have plugged along and done the assignments, submitting them when due. And even with the film, La Jetee, which was not easy, you persevered. Great work! With an online class like this it becomes very difficult unless there is consistency. I am sorry if, for some, it may have been a semester with personal challenges. You probably did your best. That is all you can do.One last assignment: I WANT YOU TO TAKE ONE TOPIC/ GRAMMAR POINT(S) AND TYPE EXAM QUESTIONS FOR THAT TOPIC. AND PROVIDE ANSWERS.So, I went through and am listing several points to choose from:I. ADJECTIVES AND ADVERBS II. FUTURE PROCHE ET PASSE PROCHE (IMMEDIATE FUTURE, ALLER + INF. AND IMMEDIATE PAST, VENIR + DE + INF.)III. REFLEXIVES VERBSIV. LA JETEE (THIS TIME YOU WOULD CREATE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE FILM–PERHAPS FIVE. TRY TO ANSWER THEM. THEY COULD BE IN ENGLISH)V. PASSE COMPOSE (YOU WOULD WANT TO COVER HOW IT IS FORMED–WHETHER ETRE OR AVOIR AS THE HELPING VERB)VI. IMPARFAITVII. JUXTAPOSITIONING OF PASSE COMPOSE AND IMPARFAIT. (THIS IS MORE AMBITIOUS BUT IF YOU WANT TO TRY I WILL BE VERY “LARGE D’ESPRIT”)So, you will take only one of the above and write questions, fill-ins, (you choose how to organize it), being sure to provide answers somewhere. You will want to introduce your segment by giving a quick review and/or examples: For example, if you choose adjectives and adverbs you may want to set it up by saying the following plus directions on what “the student” is to do: Adjectives modify nouns or prnouns (C’est un bel homme) while adverbs modify verbs or adjectives or other adverbs (Ils travaillentbien) RECAP: CHOOSE ONLY ONE OF THE ABOVE EIGHT POINTS AND CREATE A TEST ON THAT GRAMMAR POINT OR TOPIC. DON’T FORGET TO SUPPLY THE ANSWERS. I will keep the one day late rule for this last assignment but NO LATER!!You have been a great class. I wish all of you the very best!