This assignment focuses on Henry VII of England Analysis. Write a paragraph summarizing the main points of the source. What does it tell you about your topic?

Henry VII of England Analysis

Assignment; Henry VII of england

Using the topic you selected for this project, you will now find 4 scholarly secondary sources that you can use in the upcoming final paper. For each of these 4 sources you will do the following: Create a references page citation, conforming to the citation style you wish to use (APA, MLA, or Chicago/Turabian). Write a paragraph summarizing the main points of the source. What does it tell you about your topic? Does the author show any biases? Write a second paragraph explaining how you intend to use this source in your upcoming paper. In other words, how does this source help you to understand your topic?

Remember: Each of your sources should be annotated with two paragraphs as described above. At the completion of your assignment, you should therefore have eight paragraphs total. Scholarly Sources Must be peer-reviewed academic journals or books published by academic presses. Use the college library databases to find sources (do not use Google or other search engines)

Henry VII of England Analysis

Start with: JSTOR Academic Search Complete History Reference Center Just because it is in the library does not make it scholarly or reliable. Unacceptable Sources ☹ ALL Encyclopedias & Dictionaries ALL other short answer and Reference Books (e.g., American Biographies, Scientific Moments) Newspapers (e.g., New York Times) Popular Magazines (e.g., National Geographic) Popular books (not published by an academic press) Films and Documentaries (Anything that is not in print) Pamphlets Your textbook or any other textbook ALL websites Acceptable Sources ???? Scholarly, peer-reviewed sources Academic journals (e.g., Journal of Contemporary History, Social History) Books published by academic presses (e.g., Oxford University Press, University Press of Florida).

Detailed Instructions


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