Questions for Savage Acts

Briefly be able to describe the Spanish-American War and the Philippine War. Why were they significant in terms of U.S. development?

 What were some big questions that Americans were forced to address because of them?

How do U.S. actions connected to Cuba and the Philippines fit into broader international trends such as imperialism?

What economic goals/needs did U.S. expansion serve?

Were there Americans who were opposed to what the U.S. was doing in the Philippines? What arguments did they make?

The article ends with a discussion of world fairs and expositions. Why? 

What role did these fairs play in terms of U.S imperialism, discussions of race, and the Philippines?

What does this history tell us about big questions such as how the U.S. relates to the rest of the world, 

what are the main motives behind U.S. foreign policy and our interventions, and how Americans perceive of their government’s policies in these areas?