FIVE DISCUSSION ASSIGNMENTSStudents will be assigned readings and sometimes required videos for viewings. Students will be assigned groups, and each group will respond to a different topic or question, on which they will post. Then, students will reply to a classmate who wrote on a different topic/question. These discussions are entitled analytical discussions because they must include analysis of the materialsand not simply a “parroting” of the readings. While some use of summary is a good starting point, students must address the questions provided in the prompt by illustrating critical thinking. Guidelines and instructions will be given to provide students with a clear understanding of the professors expectations regarding the discussion assignments. No late Discussions will be accepted.


Step 1: Find your assigned group:

Students need to read Chapters 4 and 5 in the Racial Fault Lines (Almaguer) textbook if they are in Group 1 and Chapters 6 and 7 in Racial Fault Lines (Almaguer) textbook if they are in Group 2. In their post, students will use the material from specific chapters as assigned in their groups below to address the prompt. Students will NOT be able to see anyone’s post before they post their own work. After students submit their post, they will then reply to a classmate from the OTHER group. In the reply, students will advance the discussion and not merely repeat what their classmate wrote.


THE POST (300 words minimum):

Group 1: Students with the LAST NAMES beginning with A-L are assigned:

Read Chapter 4 and 5 in Racial Fault Lines by Almaguer.  Then choose THREE laws or policies that were implemented by the government to address Native Americans in California during this time frame. Explain each of the three laws or policies you chose and give the reasoning behind each one. Next, discuss how these laws or policies demonstrated the view of Native Americans held by Euro-Americans at the beginning of our state’s history under the USA? Finally, describe what specific effects these laws had on the Indian population as a whole in California.  Students MUST INCLUDE A DIRECT QUOTE FROM EACH CHAPTER (TWO in TOTAL) ! Remember to cite the quote with the page number–just like this        ( Almaguer, 105) after the quotes.