History of policing in America

Detailed Instructions


1.     The student must identify whether current policing philosophies have a positive or negative impact on the communities and how the student arrived at this conclusion. Provide critical assessment and recommendations based on text readings, scholarly research, and personal experience. The assignment must include the following elements:

       1. History of policing in America 2. The evolution of policing in America 3. The civil rights era of policing 4. Community policing 5. Modern police tactics and philosophies Main Element

More about the assignment:   

       Research and experience from the police have enabled the development of a variety of different policing strategies, methods and philosophies that help in dealing with crime. Therefore, the discussion expects identification of the respective policing strategies and the intended solutions to the existing problems. One of the major expectations includes acknowledgment of goals and suitable approaches to crime prevention such as consideration of community policing philosophy. The discussion is expected to consider the history and evolution of policing to assist in understanding the way forward and the likely future of policing. This consideration hence will open the capacity of exploring the modern police tactics as well as the philosophies and their significance in crime prevention…

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