HL130: Hospitality Business Training and Development – Project 2

Project Description: 

Managers and hourly associates working in the hospitality industry come in contact and interact with many different types of people in any given day. It is important to understand when dealing with both internal and external customers that not everyone sees, thinks, or interrupts things in the same way. The hotel and restaurant industry tend to have high turnover rates when it comes to their staff. Often people use the industry as a way to make money while they are in-between jobs in their career or seasonally during the summer break from school. For this reason, it is important to understand people and have the ability to interact with all types of people at all levels.


Below are two situations any employee or manager may encounter during their career. Read each and answer the questions that follow them.



At the front desk of the CSI Hotel located on the strip in Las Vegas, NV are two associates working the day shift from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Bill has been working at the hotel for 6 years and typically trains all new staff. Cindy completed her training with Bill more than a month ago and during the training period Cindy had no issues. Towards the end of the process Bill even communicated to his manager that he was surprised how quickly Cindy picked up on everything.  Then on the final day, Bill stated to Cindy “I’m not sure but I believe you know everything there is to know and I doubt you will have any issues working on your own.” Since the training ended Cindy has settled into her new position and has organized her space in a way that makes it more comfortable working. Bill keeps going into Cindy’s space and reorganizing it to “the best way” when Cindy is on break or leaves earlier. He, on occasion, will say something under his breath when passing Cindy but it’s never clear enough for her to understand and she starts wondering if he is the one changing her stuff around.


  • Imagine you are Cindy in this situation – How you would handle this situation? What would you do or not do, and why?




While going to college Mike waited tables at the local Friday’s Restaurant. Now, he has been laid off from his IT job with IBM because of COVID. Mike finds a post on Indeed – Friday’s Restaurant in Worcester is looking for a part-time person to deal with the TO-GO orders during lunch. The manager at Friday’s hires Mike because of his past experience. Since they are short staffed at lunch and the To-Go order business has recently tripled the manager determines he doesn’t have the time or resources to train Mike. He figures next month he can fill him in on the new service standards put in place since the last time Mike worked for the company. During the second week of employment Mike is short with a guest who is picking up her order. As the manager is walking towards the front door he hears the guest’s remarks about it and Mike mimics the guest under his breath. As the day goes on the manager witnesses this same type of situation happening a couple more times with Mike and other customers. 


  • Imagine you are the manager in this situation – How you would handle this situation? What would you do or not do, and why?


Submit your responses to both questions in at least 3 paragraphs to Project 2 in Moodle.



Grading Rubric 

Grading accepts a start value of 100. Points will be deducted for failure to fully complete or meet the stated requirements. 90-100 = Represents work of superior quality (A); 80-89 = Represents work of good to very good quality (B); 70-79 = Represents adequate command of class content (C); 69 and below = Represents work that shows a need for development or improvement (F); 0 = Represents plagiarized work (F). 


HL130: Hospitality Business Training and Development (BHL)






Project 2


Description of requirements Possible Points Your Points
Situation A – Imagine you are Cindy in this situation – How you would handle this situation? What would you do or not do, and why? 40  
Situation B – Imagine you are the manager in this situation – How you would handle this situation? What would you do or not do, and why? 40  
Submitted 3 paragraph minimum 10  
Overall content has clarity and adequate supporting details. 10  
TOTAL 100  

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